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Any World of Warcraft players?

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Anyone else playing world of warcraft? I have one friend last year that almost flunked out because he spent to much time playing this game and not studying for finals.


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    i work with a guy who's OBSESSED with WoW. keeps trying to get me to open an account...
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    Looks like no one's going to own up to being a player but we all know someone who is. lol.

    That kind of thing is beyond me, really. My mind just doesn't work strategically enough for me to be effective at a game that complicated. I love to play cards so that's mostly what I do in terms of computer games, too.
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    i never really got into warcraft cuz im 2 busy with skool these dayd, but i useta get baked n play starcraft all the time. its sweet i took over the planet with terran...tony hawk is fuckin clasic too
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    I had a Friend who used to do the same thing with starcraft. Must be a guy thing cause he loved tony hawk games too. I played them but they weren't all that fun. fly in air, do trick, get points, it got kind of old.

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