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Please help! What are the least demanding health sciences courses (upper div)?

Hi there,

I am pursuing a minor in Hsci and would greatly appreciate all the help can get on this matter. Also I would be grateful for any insight as to what profs to take/avoid!

Thank you very much!!


  • Kate Salters <3
    Thanks Friend! Are you able to provide any insight on any of these courses and/or their instructors:
    HSCI 305    - The Canadian Health system Laurie Goldsmith        

    HSCI 319w Applied Health Ethics - Diego Silva  

    HSCI  330    Exploratory  strategies in epidemiology (Distance)-  Lauren Currie          

    HSCI  345     ... Health issues Tweens to Twenties   - Rochelle Tucker

     HSCI 431 The Global HIV/AIDS     Epidemic  - Kate Salters

    Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Sorry, I only took HSCI 120 with Kate Salters as an elective, no upper-division courses, but she is a great prof and either the course was curved or I ended up doing really well on the final unexpectedly. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is her research area of interest I believe, so it should be a great course.
  • Kate Salters is love, Kate Salters is life :)!

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