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Lionhead bunny needs a new home

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Pure black lionhead rabbit needs a new home, details on



  • Wowwww it's beautiful. Are you selling the black one in the picture or the white one on the link though? Also, how do they poop? Like cats in their own litter pile?
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    This post is on the pure black lionhead bunny, 

    We place a litter box wherever the bunny seems to prefer to use,
    which is often a corner.

    When a bunny moves to a new cage, he may forget about litter
    training, and choose a
    new place. So we move a litter box there, and he starts to use
    it within 3 -5 days.

  • I never had a pet before but now I am soooo tempted to actually get someone like this, because it's quite small that I can just keep in my room and isn't too significant. If I may ask, what are you experiences with it? Do you play with it in the day time and put it in the cage when you go to sleep etc.? Where do you keep the cage?

    I can just imagine hugging it and putting it on my shoulder right now as I am on my laptop!!! Ah!!!
  • Lionhead bunnies are very friendly. Ours live in inside all the time and have access to the balcony, when it is not too windy. They love destroy cables, and you should secure it, if you want to keep the bunny unattended. A standard cage is 40"x 20" is perfect. We get them out (inside the house), but after some time they like to return to the cage.

    This pure black bunny is litter trained.
  • Why are you selling? Link you provided is broken btw.

    It's so cute and fluffyyyyyyyyy. so beautifullll. look at dem pretty eyes wowwww
  • Link fixed, thank you.

    This one is a new born, nine weeks old, needs a new home.
    We keep parents, and two more "brothers".

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