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need help with my assignment

javascript assignment for cmpt 165 as soon as possible. tnx


  • Perhaps you could talk to some of your fellow students to make a study group. 
  • unfortunately, i dont know many people. 
  • Just be like "Hey how are you doing on the assignment? Terrible? Cool me too, wanna help each other? You got FB or a phone? Yeah? Cool let's exchange that." A few weeks later and several questions and discussions about the assignment later via text and at Tim Hortons in the WMC... Boom A+ on assignment. Oh, he or she turns out to be cute also? Ten years later... Boom married.
  • is the best place to learn javascript and CSS

    If it's in-class: next class pay attention to which kids give answers to the teacher's question. Usually there's one dude that always throws their hand up. After class ask if they can help, chances are if they're that willing to show they know the material during class, they'll be happy to help you after class. If you're taking it distance, post on the discussions page asking for help there. Otherwise talk to the TA.

    I just took C++ last semester and found if you review the lecture slides and textbook and are just not getting it, look at Youtube tutorials, and lectures from other profs.
    Sometimes it just takes someone taking a bit of extra time on one part, or maybe wording it differently for it to click.

    But you're gonna want to put in a buttload of time programming independently.
    Also, come up with things to program, then time yourself and program them on paper, then type it into the computer to make sure it works. if you don't do this you'll probably get stuck 80% of the way through a question on the exam.
  • In addition to jianming 's suggestions, the library has also

    and it covers javascript. It seems every single SFU student who uses it loves it and since your tuition fees help pay for this pricey resource,  take advantage of it.  No getting around the time the assignment's going to take though

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