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WTB: 1st Year Mechatronics Engineering Textbooks

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I am looking for 1st year textbook for Mechatronics Engineering from someone else who can sell them at cheaper prices. Let me know at my email

Thank you.


  • (Paperback) Mechatronics is the synergistic citibnamoon of mechanical engineering ( mecha for mechanisms), electronic engineering ( tronics for electronics), and software engineering. The purpose of this interdisciplinary engineering field serves the purposes of designing and controlling advanced hybrid-systems. This textbook is widely used in classes on mechatronics, but I find it much too shallow to be helpful. It is a good introduction to what mechatronics is, but past that point mechanical engineers will not be enlightened about electronics, as electronics engineers will not be enlightened about mechanics. Also, in my opinion, this book has more of a technician's handbook feel about it than it does that of an engineering text. If you are a mechanical or electronics engineer that really wants to learn about this fascinating field, might I recommend Mechatronics: An Integrated Approach by De Silva. It has the content you need to do analysis and design of mechatronic systems. I see Amazon does not show a table of contents for this book, so I do that here for the purpose of completeness: 1 Mechatronics. 2 Sensors and transducers. 3 Signal conditioning. 4 Data presentation systems. 5 Pneumatic and hydraulic systems. 6 Mechanical actuation systems. 7 Electrical actuation systems. 8 Basic system models. 9 System models 10 Dynamic responses of systems. 11 System transfer functions. 12 Frequency response. 13 Closed-loop controllers. 14 Digital logic. 15 Microprocessors. 16 Assembly language. 17 C language. 18 Input/output systems. 19 Programmable logic controllers. 20 Communication systems. 21 Fault finding. 22 Mechatronics systems. Appendix A: The Laplace transform. Appendix B: Logic gates. Appendix C: Instruction sets. Appendix D: C library functions.
  • You already sound mega moatetivd, which is awesome! I know two people who got in from my senior class: one was a kid who did really bad his first two years of high school, but then super good the next two years so it looks like he improved a lot, and i guess that is one thing the UC's look for the other person i know is a kid who is brilliant she graduated in the top 5% of her class, got pretty much all A's, took a million AP classes, well, five senior year and was in a couple clubs and in cross country all four years Good Luck!

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