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Just a question about buy-back....

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Hello Everyone =D .... this is my first post on and i don't think it'll be my last since this seems like a pretty informative website and that can be pretty useful since I am afterall in my first semester at SFU.

My question is: Does everyone get the same money back from the SFU buyback the 60% they advertised....because if all conditions of books get the same money back...then i might as well use my books and write in them rather than leave them in perfect condition.... what rules apply to this.... because I'm not used to writing in textbooks or highlighting since they don't allow that in highschool :tongue: Please leave a post! Thanks!:teeth:


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    yeah everyone gets the same money for them regardless of how much u underline and highlight so ur fine, the only way they wont give u money for it is if it is really damaged or something, other then that they dont care
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    Booo .... but thanks for telling me CC =) now i dun have to worry about a corner of a page bending =p
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    Yeah, you ususally don't have to worry unless you actually damage the book. That's what makes the buyback program worthwhile... you don't have to try to baby the book so you can get some money back.
  • The buyback program is a total ripoff though, you're better off selling on the SFU textbook buy/sell/trade Facebook group and Craigslist.

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