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taking time off?

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What do u guys think about taking a year off of school or even a semester? If anyone has taken time off after 1st, 2nd or 3rd year what are the pros and cons of doing so, or wat are ur opinions about it


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    Pros: tuition money
    Cons: opportunity cost - the sooner ur done the earlier u are to making more money for the rest of ur life as opposed to taking a year off and only making 20 grand in that year.
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    i think its better to jus finish school without taking a year off, a semester like summer is ok to take off but other then that its better to be consistent. if you need to work then take less classes and graduate a year later but at least u are still in the school frame of mind. i know friends who have taken a year off and never returned so i wouldnt recommend it... hope that helps:angel:
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    I don't see any problem with taking a year off during university. In fact, after a year or two, you will know exactly what you don't like about your program, and stepping back from it might actually give you a better perspective of what you actually do want out of school/life.
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    yea i took 2 semesters off last year and it totally got me refocused it also really helped me figure out what career path i wanted to take and i ended up changing my major completely

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