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Selling Textbooks: ENSC 100,101,102, FAL X99, PHYS 120,121, MATH 232,251,150, STAT 270, CMPT 128,225

edited January 2012 in Buy & Sell
Much Cheaper than the book store:

ENSC 100: The Betterment of the Human Condition (John Jones) $40

ENSC 101&102: Strategies for Engineering Communication (Susan Stevenson,Steve Whitmore) $40

FAL X99: Academic Writing Making the Transition (Steve Marshall) $40

PHYS 120 &121: Physics a strategic approach for scientists and engineers second edition ( Randall D. Knight) (Text+ Workbook) $150

MATH 232: Contemporary Linear Algebra (Textbook + Answer Solution) $140

MATH 150,151&251: Calculus Early Transcendentals (James Stewart)6E (Text+Workbook) $70

STAT 270: Introduction to probability and statistics(by Tim Swartz ). $20

CMPT 128: Absolute C++ fourth edition ( Walter Savitch) $50

CMPT 225: Data abstraction and problem solving with C++ fifth edition (walls and mirrors) $80
Data structures and algorithms in C++ second edition (Michael T. Goodrich ,Roberto Tamassia,David Mount). $80

If you are interested contact me at : 778-858-2673(Prefer Text) or email at


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