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I was kind of interested in taking anthropology but I'm not exactly sure what we'd be studying. I know that it is the science of humans but I want more detail than that. If anyone has taken an introductory course in anthropology please tell me about what you learned and if it would be a good class for a psychology major.


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    i took one of these courses, and i really liked it. You basically learn about old societies. Like about the way people lived and co-habitated way back when, and now. it isn't just about the past, we learned about some african cultures and such and then you compare them to the norms of your society. you also look at how other cultures past and present influence your own.

    it was really interesting. i liked it. in the class i took there was alot of discussion and a few short essays.
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    Anthropology is a very wide area of study, so two different anthropology courses could vary greatly depending on what nation/ethnicity/lifestyle the class is focusing on.

    If you want more specificity, then look at the faculty website: and find out what classes they're offering, or contact that department by phone/email and get information on what the class is teaching.
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    I took cultural anthropolgy, and we discussed, well, everything, life, birth, death, in diffirent cultures, cross cultural contract, religion, sexuality, ect. It's really a great class to take just for general knolege.

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