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MacBook (2008) $480

edited May 2011 in Buy & Sell
Graduating soon, so I took advantage of my student discount and bought a new computer.

I had bought my previous one, a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo macbook in August of '08. I'm now looking to sell it for $480.

Contact me at: if you're interested.

The full specs are here:

The exterior is in good condition, some light scratches, the worst is a small (1cm) crack above the screen.

The machine is working, the only issue is the battery which only gives me 3-3.5 hrs. usage now and it sometimes (not very often) reports the amount left incorrectly. You probably don't need a new battery right away, but when you do apple has them available for purchase (~$160).

Original discs are included as well as the upgrade disc to the latest version of the operating system (10.6).

I've attached a picture of it in it's current home.

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