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Asian girls like Brown guys?

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Well, I'm a brown guy... and I adore asian girls. I've been trying to meet an asian girl but I find it very difficult. I've always wondered if there were any who actually liked brown guys.

If you do see an asian girl with a non-asian guy, he is usually white. Is it because it "looks bad" for her to date a brown guy? or maybe she is afraid her friends and family won't accept it?

So, have you guys noticed any brown and asian couples walking around?


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    We have a member here named "Siuying" and she's single.

    EDIT: Oh and yes, she likes brown guys.
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    I suspect my cousin is/was dating some brown guy, but she is in Toronto and super whitewashed.
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    oh pred.. i know you have the hots for me but that's no excuse to make unwarranted claims.. you know things wouldn't have worked out between us and this isn't gonna make me change my mind.. =)
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    pft child, pls. u crazy.
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    Beats me.

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    @pred: lol.. no.. but you are.. =P
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    I nominate NukeChem for the best response in this thread!
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    indians and asians(yes I know Indians are Asian too, im just going with vocab everyone knows) are more similar then compared to whites and Asians. I know a lot of Asian Indians (look like there Chinese) who speak Indian languages fluently along with the Chinese languages.

    So if your not able to pick up some asian chicks, maybe recheck your approach. Do you feel your a 10/10 to attract a 10/10 chick? If not then start working on your appearance and physical attributes. Its only fair to the girl......

    and to answer your question yes I know a brown guy dating an chinese chick.
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    no kiddin! I am Asian and I love dark skin guys! I personally think darker the skin the hotter.. Since I am not that dark, it make me feel weird to go out with guys who is paler than I am. No offense, but I think too pale looks little ill... (although some girls do like guys whose white, I mean, look at "twilight" sh**t!!!!)
    I think what Asian girls do not really like is Brown guys or dark guys in general are little conservative and treat girls like princes,,, and it make them uncomfortable...
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  • as an asian girl, i think brown guys are cute. wouldnt mind dating one!
  • My girlfriend is Asian and I'm brown and I have seen more than enough Asian girls with brown guys. To be honest Asian women (the ones that are brought up in Canada or America or any country that is not in Asia) tend to go for guys of different races like white, brown and black. Girls raised in Asian countries tend to go for their own kind. We are both Canadian so its not that big a deal for us to date. So to answer your question, yes there are brown and Asian couples.   
  • I thought asian girls like white guys
  • why the FUCK does this have like 1000 views. also ^why is ur email/username culinaryarts if you attend SFU which doesn't have a culinary program.

    Regardless I'll contribute: I'm azn but I don't think I'll date a brown girl, not really into them. I'm talking like especially the generic Vancouver East-Indian type. I ain't racist, I just don't find an attraction.

    Only brown girl I sort of liked ever was half Fijian and half Trinidadian but she was white washed. White girls all the wayyy yeee
  • ^I'm azn but I don't think I'll date a brown girl, not really into them.
    I'm talking like especially the generic Vancouver East-Indian type. I
    ain't racist, I just don't find an attraction.

    Guess what? They ain't fukin crazy about you either! Lol.
    They're "reclaiming" because they clearly don't have it!!! Lol

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