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SFU Chemistry Texts FOR SALE

edited December 2006 in Buy & Sell
CHEM 230/332
Inorganic Chemistry
Catherine E. Housecroft
ISBN: 0582310806
----Asking $55
(This is the 1st edition, not the 2nd edition. But they have exactly the same information and either can be used. The Prof. will agree.)

CHEM 260/360
Physical Chemistry
Thomas Engel and Philip Reid
ISBN: 080533842
----Asking $100
(Brand New, never used, Mint Condition)

CHEM 281/282
Organic Chemistry 3rd edition
Maitland Jones
ISBN: 0393924084 (978-0-393-92408-4)
----Asking $60 obo

CHEM 286
Edited by Uwe Kreis
----Asking $50
(Has answers and notes written inside the book in pencil)

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