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All $10 & Under - Ladies clothes XS/S & Handbags

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Hey everyone, I'm finally cleaning out my closet to make room for all of the stuff that I have, but can never fit anywhere! Almost all of my items are gently used in excellent or good condition, unless otherwise stated, and they're all super cheap (nothing over $10) because I'm looking to make a few extra dollars, make a little room in my closet, and I know that students can't afford anything too pricey!

Check out my list at

Thanks for looking! I'm always adding new stuff, I just have to find the time to do it when I'm not studying. And no, I don't actually have a phd in shopping, although I think I would definately qualify for one. :smile:


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    wow thats a lot of purses
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    i'm impressed with your low prices...some people just can't bare to get rid of their stuff cheap

    if the song purse doent's sell i may be interested

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