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Rules of Attraction

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I dunno if any one noticed, but theres a huge article in the Peak this week about "the game." It was actually pretty interesting if you need to get up to date with the basics of how to meet and greet with the ladies. Here's a lil summary:

Rule #1: Dont be desperate...resist the urge to phone or email your date for at least three days after you get their info

Rule #2: Be cheap...resist spending excessive amounts of money on your date to see if they actually like you for who you are

Rule #3: Play hard to get...ladies and guys this means don't go for the prize right away, wait till it feels right cuz you might scare the other person away by being too promiscuous

Rule #4: Don't reveal too much...don't spill all the beans about your personal life right off the bat, its like drinking good coffee, so make it last

Rule #5: Hide your friends...they tend to reveal the not so perfect things about u ;)

I didnt think the rules were dead on but still important to follow if you wanna get anywhere...what you guys think?


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    be cheap? why would you want to be cheap on a first date girls don't like that i think
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    Hey falco I think your right! I'm a girl and I dont think I'd like it if my boyfriend was cheap with me. But there's a lot of girls out there who use guys for money, so its good to be careful. Make sure you pay for the movie but don't go overboard buying her clothes n stuff. Have a nice day :)
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    why not? clothes are nice:P

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