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Wayy too hot!

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I cant believe how hot it is!!? Its supposed to be over 30 degress all week. thats like totally messed up i was trying to study yesterday but no matter where i would go i kept sweating. it was sooo gross, so i went to the beach instead... what are u guys doin about the studyin?


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    I totally know what you mean! I try to do my homework outside in the shade as much as I can it gets really stuffy inside sometimes
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    i got a bit of a confession... ive been feeling bad lately cuz its so hot so i use it as an excuse to go to the beach instead of going to my classes like i should. its harrrdd to read thick books written in old english or learn about derivatives in this heat wave...pluss theres so many cuties at kits! as I always say life is to enjoy! as long as i keep passing :)
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    don't forget to drink lots of water to keep hydrated :P
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    i confess too i been spending a little too much time at the beach!
    im only takin sum language classes so i keep tellin myself ill read at the beach.... never ends up happening!

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