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Hello everyone. My cousins from Germany are down to visit and I want to show them a good time in Vancouver. I'm not much of a clubber (basically never) so I have no idea what is good on Saturdays.. any ideas?


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    go to Big Up Saturdays at PLUSHHHHHHHH
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    yo mann i hit up plush almost every weekend hey noobie u goin? save me a dance ;) ;)
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    hey johnny boy
    well me n my girls are thinkin of goin downtown, so i might take u on ur offer;)
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    sounds good noobie, send me a PM (private message) and lets get this party started. btw whats your real name?
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    hey aright sent u the pm:)
    my names reena
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    thanks for the replys guys
    we went to plush, got there early but still had to wait in line for about 30 minutes but it was definately worth it
    i really enjoyed the whole clubbing experience

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