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Opening Statement

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This is the first entry in site news. This sub-forum contains threads started only by the administration team regarding site developments. Whether we decide to change the look, add new sub-forums, or just have some issues we'd like to discuss with you guys, this is where those type of notices will be posted.

We would first like to thank you for taking the time to visit TalkSFU. This site was created by a group of students at SFU (Burnaby campus) who were tired of hearing all the complaints about how boring SFU is, how depressing it is, or how no one talks to anybody. Although we agree there are certains things SFU lacks when it comes to the social atmosphere here, the phrase "community" or lack thereof has been overused to the point that it has lost meaning.

Community is not a physical characteristic, but a reflection of a certain group or culture charing common interests. The students of SFU form the culture of this university. Therefore, if we were to get along and socialize with one another more, the collective personality we would portray would be one of community and togetherness.

There is a lot to see and do at SFU but most people dont realize that until its too late. Most of the people I know here can't wait to finish their degrees and get into the real world. As students, it is on us to do what we gotta do. But if we help each other along the way, a lot of people would be able to avoid making the same mistakes we did. I know everyone has a busy life these days, but there will always be time to use TalkSFU to ask questions, give advice, and get the help you need.

Good luck with your studies, from the TalkSFU team.

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