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FS: Bio 101/102 Text w/Extras (+ Clicker)

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'Biology' by Campbell (7th Edition)
Henderson's Dictionary of Biology
Biology of Cancer
Understanding the Human Genome Project
(Package sells for $127)

This book is still used in Bio 101 and 102! It's on the outlines for next semester.

I haven't used this book AT ALL. I had to drop the class because it was the wrong one (I didn't have the prereqs). I'd unwrapped it already so I couldn't refund.

I'm asking $90 for the whole thing, and I'll even throw in the Lab Manual for Joan Sharp's class if you want it.

I have the PRS Clicker too: $25

Send me a PM or leave a message here! :smile:


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    The PRS clicker is spoken for, but the book is still up for grabs!

    Get it soon and you can read ahead over the winter break... :wink:
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    Looks like a few other people are selling the softcover version of this book. Mine is HARDCOVER. You could KILL A MAN WITH IT!

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