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hot places on campus?

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hey everyoneeeeee...again:p so liek i said im gonna be in 1st year this september up at sfu and wonderinnnn where are the happenin spots on campus?! i heard theres a pub but is there anything else?


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    me n my buddies chill a lot over by cornerstone building, lotta hottiez there but west mall buildings pretty chiller too if ur over by that side of the school. oh yaa make sure u swing by the first pub night in september, it's gonna be ROCKINN
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    make sure you hit up pub night during september, lotta girls from rez show up there and its a pretty krazy party
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    this is gonna sound stupid but the librarys actually a good place to be. theres always people there, theres computers to use, magazines to read, and couches to chill out on. and for johnny theres a lot of pretty girls too ;)

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