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Tea! :)

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during spring finals i got into looseleaf tea from; they let you send out $5 free gift cards to friends, and someone i know sent me one...has anybody else tried this place?


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    I haven't ever tried them but I will have to check out there web site. Was it green or black tea? Green tea is to light for me, I like the black kind.
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    Now see, I'm the opposite. Green tea is just right for me.
    I've never really tried looseleaf tea before though.
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    they have better flavored black teas than flavored green, but personally i love green tea and theirs makes me happy. my friend who lives in britian loves their irish breakfast.

    let me know if you want one of the gift-certificate-coupon things. my email address is this username at
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    I love the taste of green tea but it makes me thirsty. Strange, I know. :)

    I also like herbal tea, especially if I'm not feeling to well.

    There's a magazine called Tea Experience Digest that's interesting if you're really into tea.
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    i dunno why you dudez got nothin better to do than talk about tea :S i like iced tea hhaha
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    Iced tea is good too :-) (Plus I'm not a dude)

    Really though I'm supposed to be working but I don't wanna! I would much rather talk about tea with you guys than work.
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    seriously, me too. 7 hours a day in front of a computer...lots of procrastinating time to waste...

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