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World Literature

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Looks like we are all brainiacs and no one needs study help this summer...

Thought I'd be brave and post the first thread in this sub-section.

So, I thought just for fun I'd take a read of Donte's Inferno this summer.
Let's chat about it. What do you think this novel is talking about?


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    this is a tiny bit off-topic, but whose translation are you reading? everyone i know likes the sinclair one (i think that's the guy's name), but i thought it was awful.
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    Mmm well, I always assumed the novel was talking about a trip through the layers of Hell and the sins which accompany each layer. It's supposed to be an allegorical trip, on par with The Odyssey.
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    I have been meaning to read this book for years. Okay you have inspired me, I'm gonna go buy it then I will be able to talk about it with you.
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    Annnora love that idea... we can start a book club. Then come back each week to discuss our reading assignments.

    The reason I want to read Dante's Inferno is for two reasons really. The first, this is an Italian classic - I am Italian and Italy just won the World Cup so I must pay homage to my ancestors.

    Second, I have a friend that actually renamed themselves based on this book. I think it is about the layers of hell as well and find it very odd that someone would want to be remembered by this specific piece of literature.

    So, I thought I better read this as it has definitely left a lasting impact on this friend of mine.

    Let me know when you have your copy Annnoura and I'll take you up on the book discussion.

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