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Studying for LSAT - need Tips

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I just started studying for the LSAT this week. Luckily, I found someone with a book of practice exams and since I dont want to spend 1800$ for the Kaplan course, I am planning on teaching myself. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice to give which would help me do better? I really don't know where to start other than do lots of practice exams. Thanks...


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    A couple of my friends are writing the LSAT tomorrow, they've been doing a lot of practice exams to get prepared so I think you'll be fine. Good luck!
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    yeah man practice exams is the best way to go.. once u know what the LSAT is about and how its structured u gotta keep practicing cuz each practice test u do will generally improve ur score by like 1 or 1/2 a percentile (if ur lucky lol)... sooo basically that means do TONS OF PRACTICE!!!
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    Hello there, I wrote the BC LSAT in February of this year with commendable results. I would recommend that you focus more on your train of thought rather than blindly doing practice questions hoping to learn the process. The LSAT is a simple yet highly articulate exam which is designed in a way as to test your logical thinking and reasoning skills. Although this sounds simple enough, it is highly difficult for someone who is not trained in this way of thought to change. This is why some people are naturally skilled at the LSAT material while others cannot deal with it no matter how much they practice.

    Let me know how things go :)

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