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Watching the World Cup

edited July 2006 in General
the finals is this weekend, i heard if you want to watch France, head down to commercial st. If you want to watch italy, there is a community center of some sort that's giving free spagetti and drinks down at grandview hwy.

or u can head down to arbutus street and watch it in the theater for free. anyone know about the exact location at grandview hwy?


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    im not quite sure...
    but did u guys see that game! it was intenseeeeeee
    the guy from france who missed that shot is gonna harsh get it!
    poor guy
    but yayyy for italyyyyyy:D
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    Congrats to Italy. Poor France. I don't think they expected to lose. Did you guys watch the head-butt video?
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    lol yea
    i cant beleive he would end his career like that
    aparently the italian guy was dissin him mom n sister or something

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