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Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Hello, do you need help with Chemistry and Biology? I can help!

I recently graduated with a M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry at SFU, and completed my B.Sc. at UFV majoring in molecular biology and minoring in chemistry. I was also a TA for Chemistry 111 (introductory chemistry equivalent to Chemistry 11 and 12 combined) and Chemistry 121 (first-year general chemistry) at SFU. Additional credentials include completion of the Instructional Skills Workshop and Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning at SFU. I am now entering the PDP teaching program at SFU and am hoping to further develop my teaching skills and help out students.

My strongest areas are high-school and first-year chemistry and biology, but I can also provide help in other areas such as organic chemistry where I received excellent grades and the other high school sciences.

I would prefer meeting at SFU or lessons over zoom.

My email is if you are interested. Thanks!

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