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Expert PhD Chemistry Tutor for SFU Chemistry Courses CHEM 120, 121, 122, 283, 282, 281, 280,...

edited September 2021 in Tutoring

I tutored more than 150 students in SFU for chemistry courses,CHEM 283, 282, 281/280, 122, 121/120,..., with very good results. I have a PhD degree in organic chemistry and 18 years of teaching/tutoring experience at university level.  I also tutor for UBC and other schools in metro Vancouver and acorss Canada. 

Please visit my website at for detailed information. 

My email is: and phone/text is 604-700-5192.

Thank you. Dr. M. G.


  • My website decribes my tutoring’s details at for January 2022 semester. 
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