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Cannot find a course in "My Schedule"

Hello! I am a new student and will begin my first semester in SFU on September. And I've got a quick question with finding a course in my schedule.

So my major is Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and I'm considering taking CHEM 121 in the first semester. But when I try to look for this class on My Schedule, it doesn't appear, does anyone know what's going on?

Personally I am guessing it's because the course is not being offered in the following semester? If that is the case, what would you recommend me to do? I thought of taking CHEM 120 instead of CHEM 121, but I also found that CHEM 121 is the prerequisite of another required course called "CHEM 281". 

My enrollment date is tomorrow and I am not really sure how to deal with this issue, sorry for reaching to you so late because I've only discovered this problem a few moments ago. Hopefully I can receive an answer from you! Thank you!

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