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SFU Tennis Courts In Poor Condition

Can someone believe the condition of the SFU tennis courts? Looks like they have been neglected for a long time - the nets are ripped, the ground has cracks and weeds growing in it. Very sad, considering how much money has been spent on all the other upgrades for the Sports & Recreation faculty.

If anyone cares about this as much as I do and want's to help me do something about it, drop me a message!

I have attached a picture from the SFU website which looks like it was taken in 1999. I will post again when I have a real photo of how it looks now.YtvSv29.jpghttp:


  • Who even uses them though
  • Sounds like a chicken and egg problem lol

    I used them last week, that's how I discovered the issue!
  • Do you live on campus in UniverCity?
  • No, my friend lives on campus. I just visit from time to time.

    After the amount of time I spent there during my undergrad, it became like a second home so I feel very happy there.
  • How about you sir?
  • Nope, barely up there anymore after graduating.

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