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Student Deal (Apple Music) Reduced Rate for Students + 3 Months Free

edited June 2020 in General
Apple is offering a "Back To School" offer for Apple Music. You are required to confirm your student membership by logging in to a service called "Unidays" but after that your all set with 3 free months and 4.99/month for 4 years. Apple Music is awesome, I use it more than Spotify or Youtube to listen to music these days because it doesn't drain your data. 




  • It's great because it runs on the in-house iOS music app so everything runs quite smoothly, and Siri works well with it too. It's also integrated with the Google Maps UI. 

    Good for official music, but a lot unreleased stuff or rare music is harder to find on Apple Music, good if you don't download music to your phone much though.
  • I definitely agree, it's not going to have a lot of the underground or unreleased tracks but there are plenty of other sources for that. I stopped downloading music since I got Apple Music, I just create playlists and I believe you can still save songs/albums for offline listening if needed.
  • Once I upgrade my phone capacity I hope to download my library, and continue purchasing albums from artists I like, because I bet you the artists are getting screwed even more (they don't make much from sales anyway) from streaming apps in terms of their cut, but it does still help them with the charts though.

    I got it because of the free 3-month trial and until I get a new phone. If Home Sharing didn't suck ass I would have kept using that but it always loses connectivity, takes forever to download the library and doesn't work with Siri. Also, obviously only works at home

    Yeah, you can still save songs with Apple Music to save on data. I download frequently listened-to albums.

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