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Final grade doesn’t make sense

I took CMPT for fall 2018, did all my course work and got perfect on most assignments and did the final exam. However, no marks are posted on canvas for the final exam yet and still on go SFU it shows an N as my final grade. I am confused and very stressed out since I have no idea why this is happening. I emailed the prof but she has intermittent access to her email. I also emailed the TA/instructor team shared email but there’s been no response yet.
Can anybody explain why this is happening? :’(


  • This happened to me..don’t stress it just means they haven’t posted the grades. I ended up finding out my grade into the next semester! That’s how long it took.. it’s pretty lame that you’re getting no replies from your TA but again I’m not surprised .. Just be patient it’s all good :)

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