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Math online

Hey all, 

I'm a dumbass and can't do math. Just bombed my math 150 final exam like many others. I need to take either math 150/151/157 in order to take BUEC 232. I'm planning to take 157 since its easier, but I don't want to do bad again. Would it be easier to take it online? Thank you, and much appreciated. 


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    Online courses are only "easier" if you are intrinsically motivated. Personally, I always did better in online courses but they were all arts courses. I know lots of people who cannot motivate themselves to do the course work for online courses because they aren't bound by lectures/labs. 

    If you are looking to do your course online, you can see if TRU Open Learning offers the equivalent course online. TRU OL courses are self-paced and allow up to 30 weeks (plus a possible extension) to complete their courses. That may give you more time and flexibility if you needed to understand a given concept.

    If you do go the TRU OL way, remember to get a Letter of Permission from your Advisor first! Otherwise it's just a waste of time and money. 
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    Looking for a tutor? If you selected the option of taking an online course, or math 150/151 at SFU, then I'm your guy. I have tutored many university students in math/stat/comp sci since 2013. I have a bachelors in math and cs, and I'm currently an Msc. in math, and I love helping students with academics. 

    This semester, unfortunately, I cannot help with Math 157 as I have TA duties in that class, which yields a conflict of interest.

    My rate: $20/hour

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