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Academic Probation

edited December 2018 in General
I've done poorly this semester due to depreaaion. Im failing one course and I need a C in my other two courses to not end up on AP in 2019 term. My GPA is currently 2.91. I was wondering if this will affect my application to PDP in 2021 as I want to be a teacher? I am worried if i end up on AP now after having a tough personal time this semester, but turn it around next semester, if it will affect my application. Im studying hard and hope I did decent on my term papers so i can get through this rough patch and not be on AP but I won't know till January . 


  • Don't know about the PDP but just wanted to give encouragement to you to keep pressing on and continue to aim to do what you love!
  • I agree, just do your best and don’t give up :)
    Talk to your advisor and let them know what you’re going through that may help in terms of some leeway.
  • You might be able to explore a Withdrawal in Extenuating Circumstances on Medical grounds. That won't hit your GPA. You can talk to your Advisor to see if you are a good candidate for a withdrawal. 

    As for going forward, I don't know how many credits you have completed, but this semester shouldn't impact your GPA to the point of AP. 

    Additionally, according to SFU's PDP website, they only look at the last 60 credits of your undergraduate degree in your application. If you haven't completed 60 credits yet, I wouldn't stress over it. :) 

    Hope this helps! 

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