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Chemistry Major

Hi, I am a first year student and I was wanting to switch into the Faculty of Science to major in Chemistry. I do have a passion for Chemistry and did relatively well in high school, but my TA scared me and told me how there is a load of Physics courses I need to get through and that many people have mentioned how difficult it was. NOTE, I was aware of the amount of Physics courses that I needed to finish in order to get my Bachelor's in Chemistry, but she made it sound impossible.

My friends also said the same things about how difficult it can be (they are first years and overheard from older students), but told me that it's just like any other major where no matter what major we get into we still have to work hard.

I was hoping to get any opinions from Chemistry majors or just people in general. I can't tell if I am just nervous that I won't make it or that I am thinking realistically.

[ Also, I DON'T NEED ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE. If you have something to say that is not constructive or helpful, don't comment at all. Please keep in mind that I am a first year so I really don't feel the need to read comments where people will just put me down due to their competitiveness and pride. 

As for those who do comment, whether it be harsh or not, thank you! I really appreciate it. ]


  • Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you're passionate about, even if the stakes are high and challenges to come. If you are truly passionate about something it is much easier to do well and put the work in it. I'm not going to say it will be easy, but it will seem easier than if it was something you had little interest in, which would either be a waste of time or just extremely difficult and a waste of time. 

    Chemistry is cool. Who knows, maybe you will help to increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries to 400 Wh/kg and allow us to have electric supersonic vertical takeoff and landing jets in the future. Perhaps you will help discover a complete new kind of battery cell technology.

    Try not to self-limit, but at the same time be reasonable on a long-term and wide scale.

    Full disclosure: I am not a science major.
  • Hi @talkUBC!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment. 

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