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English Tutor/Editor/Help with Essays

I am an English, French and Education graduate from SFU, and starting the PDP teaching program in September. Having had multiple experiences with tutoring one-on-one and in groups (all in diverse environments, levels, and different areas) I have seen dozens of students succeed with one-on-one help that is catered to their own personal needs and strengths. Tutoring is not a cookie-cut system, and this is why I believe I have the ability to help students at all levels thrive and get the results that they want. 
Classes can be big, and with 50+ or 100+ students, it's hard to get that personal experience, and especially hard to not get distracted. As university students we have so many responsibilities and sometimes struggle with time management or handling so many tasks at once. Don't be scared of asking for some extra help. 

Whether it's with understanding material, coming up with game-plans, getting essays started, or help with editing... taking things step-by-step with someone who has the patience and genuinely wants to help you understand the material will help you succeed.

If you are interested in getting help in your English or Education courses or with essays and editing, email me at
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