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Who'd Be Down For A Vietnamese Restaurant Opening At SFU Burnaby?

I know there are quite a few Asian restaurants at Burnaby campus, but I don't think I've seen a Viet one. My family is thinking of opening one at the campus, but wanted to know if anyone would even eat there. Would y'all be down?!


  • Dude, pho at SFU would do sooo well; it's the perfect student food. 

    I might know someone who would be willing to invest as well btw.
  • I'm down for it. It's really nice to have some banh mi or com suon for breakfast. I'm Vietnamese so I know the taste pretty well. How much do I need to invest in it?
  • @trieucamtoan banh mi for breakfast? Pho sounds okay, but banh mi?
  • i love pho it's the perfect student food

    is ramen vietnamese? theres some ramen places downtown that have huge lineups
  • @Simon Ramen is Japanese, but yes it is very popular among millennial, and basically anything popular with millenials will do well in this day and age (e.g., Chipotle).
  • There still aren't any places for lease right now. I'm not up there much, but if you guys see any places let me know! 

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