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SFU Movies and Friends Club : Premium Membership Opportunity

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Hi SFU students , 

I am the president of a newly found club in SFU called "SFU Movies and Friends Club" . The club proposal for this club has been accepted but it has not been launched in the SFU Clubs Website yet. Hence ,there is a vacancy of 4 premium members in our club.
Benefits of being the premium member in the club are :
1.Events in this club will cost $3 per weekly event and $25 for one year membership .But for premium members ,all the events in this club will be free for the whole year and they don't need to pay any membership fee as well.
If you want to apply for this opportunity, the main requirement are :
a. To send your full name, which faculty student you are and your SFU email address in this email address:
b. After sending the information, I will send the invitation email from SFU Movies and Friends Club to your email address.

After I get 4 members, I will have total of 10 members(I already have 6 premium members) in this club and then the club will officially be launched in the SFU Clubs Website.

Some students might have doubts about this post . For their doubt clearance , my name is Nishan Ghimire . Student ID is 301356792 and I am a student of Computer Science in Burnaby Campus .

Thank you for reading this post . I appreciate your time.

This is the official website of the club : 

Looking forward for responses from students who will read this post .

Thank you so much .

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