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Crim 320 or social science “quantitative research methods” tutor familiar with SPSS needed

Hi guys,

I’m in search of a tutor for Crim 320 online. Anyone familiar with chi-square, t-tests, null hypothesis, and SPSS kind of stuff. I’m having a bit of difficulty grasping the concepts that are necessary for quizzes and assignments, and with the midterm coming up in a week and a half I’m hoping to find someone to help me.

I’m not sure what kind of pay is typical for this but I’m thinking $20/h, which can be negotiable. I’m attending a class in Burnaby and in Vancouver this summer, and live relatively close to surrey campus so I could meet at any campus. Available Monday day/evening, Tuesday day, Wednesday day/evening, Thursday day, Friday day, Saturday day, or Sunday day. I’m hoping to meet twice a week for approximately 2 hours, possibly more if I’m still not understanding things. Please let me know ASAP, thanks!

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