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"n" grade

Anyone here got an "n" grade in the past? I took an online course this term that I need for declaration (100 level course). I was thinking of dropping the course but I got passed the deadline. I don't like the course and I am thinking of not finishing it all and just focusing on the other courses to bump my term gpa. I am thinking of retaking it next term (not online). I know that I will have an "n" grade. What will happen if you have an "n" grade?
Thanks in advance :) 


  • never gotten an N but I have failed a course. SFU allows 5 repeats. Once you repeat a course they take the higher mark of the two and the higher mark is counted towards your GPA. However, the N will still be on your transcript even if you retake the course. I failed econ 103 and had to retake it and despite that, I still have an F in it on my transcript lol! But at least it does not count towards my GPA. 
  • I honestly would recommend you try to pass the course... you paid the money to take it so you may as well try to pass it. You dont want to use your retakes on courses that dont count towards your degree. 

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