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Classes that are credited in Two Disciplines

Quick question about classes that are credited in two disciplines, ie, HIST/GEO 377 or HIST/HS 304

So, I'm a History Student and needed to take Hist 304 but it was full, when I looked at the course details, it said there's 13 seats available for Hellenic Studies 304 (same course/content, everything). I signed up for Hellenic Studies 304 and talking to a few people, was told that my History advisor could change it to History 304 so I would receive History credits for it.

However, after a few emails back and forth, she pretty much says, it's not her problem and she can't change it.

Does anyone have experience with this? Courses that work for two disciplines? So, if it's full for one discipline but LOTS of extra seats for the other... those seats just sit empty?


  • *Correction: There's actually 17 seats avaliable. In my opinion, after a
    certain date remaining seats should be opened up to all students.

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