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I got de-registered????

edited December 2017 in General
Hi! I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem:

I registered in a class I need for graduation that's offered once every couple of years on my registration date in November. I check my 2018 schedule on gosfu last week and it says that I'm not registered in any classes next year. I try registering again, but the class is full and now closed. (No waitlist)

Naturally I freak out and email my advisor, but since the university's closed I won't receive a reply until January 2nd. Now I'm doubting that I even registered, but my boyfriend was there when I did, and he remembers me doing it. If I'd just placed it in my course'd still be there, and it's not. So, I'm positive I registered, and somehow something happened and now I'm screwed.

Just wondering if anyone had this happen to them?

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