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I arrived late to the CHEM 121 final because my car broke down. I got an F. I am scared of academic probation but as a themstudent in high schoolwho got 97% I am shocked to see this. Should I take chem 121 in the summer? WHAT SHOULD I DO? Also, I will be taking BISC 102 what other courses should I take? I want some easy courses. I passed the lab portion do I still need to take it


  • Some easy courses that I've heard people mention are:
    - BPK 140
    - BPK 110
    - EDUC 100
    I have not taken these courses though so I might not be the most reliable source. There is a site called if you want to take a look at grade distributions of certain courses.

    Also I found Dr. Warren and Dr. Leznoff great professors. Regarding the lab part, I believe you only need to retake the lecture component of CHEM 121 as long as you got a 70% or higher on your chem labs on average, but I'm not 100% sure.

    I got a B in CHEM 121 so I'm no expert in chemistry but if you need help studying or anything I would be happy to help, but from the sound of things it looks like you failed mainly due to your car issues which is very unfortunate. Best of luck in your studies! 

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