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What is the final average for BUS 237?

What is the usal average for BUS 237? I currently got 78%. Which grade I will potentially get? Thank you.


  • The class average for bus 237 really depends imo. Bus 272 for example is an easier class than 237 (usually) and therefore, the average for 272 is higher (75%-80%). The class average when I took bus 272 was 75%. Bus 237 the average I think is lower. Itook bus 237 and my class average was 70%. I got a b+ in the class but I was sitting at 85%. Therefore, if you’re getting above the class average you should be able to at least get within the b range. It also depends on who your prof is OP. My friends had other profs and the class average was higher than 70%. My prof was pretty tough lol so Iwasnt surprised. So Iwould estimate based on conversations I have had with other beedie students, the class average ranges from 70%-80%. If your prof disclosed the class average for the midterm and you got above it, there’s a good chance you’re getting above the class average anyway depending on how much it’s weighed.
  • 78% is a good mark, you’re either getting the class average or above it. So just keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Icannot estimate the average you need to get what Mark since it really depends which prof you have imo.

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