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Has anyone WE?

I have to WE due to depression and other mental health/personal issues. Has anyone WE Due to this and been successful? I’m not sure how much documentation I need to provide..... the academic advisors said I can just provide the healthcare provider form but they never said anything about additional medical documentation...... thoughts?


  • I successfully completed a WEC a few years back and it wasn't all that hard. The important part is definitely going to be any medical documentation you have to prove your condition and when you were diagnosed. Depression is hard to prove if you haven't gone to a doctor, especially if you are looking to get an exemption a while after the fact. In my experience, I was suffering from depression due to a myriad of things (sister having life-threatening surgery, car accident, the death of loved one) so I used documentation of that instead of a diagnosis to get approved. Try to talk about why you had depression and why it prevented you from your studies. Hope this helps, good luck!   
  • Okay thank you nwalling. :) that helped a lot ! Just handed in my application today and do think my reasons and documentation are sufficient enough to get a WE, since my application provided more than a doctor’s note. If worst comes to worst, there is the appeal process too. However, the academic advisors said my application had a good chance.

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