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BPK 140 online or in person?

I'm planning on taking BPK 140 next semester but I was wondering whether it'd be better to take it online or in person. If it changes anything the in-person prof is Andrew Blaber while the online prof is Anne-Kristina Arnold. Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hmm I had Diana Bedoya for BPK 140 and I don’t regret taking it in person w her because she was an amazing lecturer! I enjoyed going to her 8:30am lectures. BPK 140 is a straightforward course and pure memorization. Therefore, whether you take it online or in class shouldn’t change the outcome of how well you do in the course. I would look at rate my prof and take that into consideration and then decide whether you will take it online or in class.
  • Online courses are always tough because it requires an incredible amount of self-discipline to keep up to date on reading and homework if you're already taking a full class load in person. That said, BPK 140, 141 and 143 with Tony Leyland are some of the only courses I would recommend taking as they are mostly memorization courses. This doesn't mean they are necessarily easy because lots of scientific terms are used, but very doable. 

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