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Need Writing Help on Term Papers? Experienced SFU Instructor available for Tutoring

edited October 2017 in Tutoring

My name is Bhuvinder Vaid, nickname: Beev, and I am PhD student in Education, as well as a former instructor for FAL X99 plus many other courses at SFU and Kwantlen.

If you are looking for extra help with your essay writing in October or November, please feel free to contact me as a writing tutor or writing editor.  My rate is $30/hour and I am flexible to meet in person or virtually.

I have taught the following courses at SFU as an instructor:
  • FAL X99 - Foundations of Academic Literacy (8 times)
  • EDUC 471 - Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice (1 time)
  • EDUC 465 - Children's Literature (12 times)
I have taught the following courses at SFU as a Teaching Assistant / Tutor Marker:
  • EDUC 230 - Introduction to Philosophy of Education (17 tutorials)
  • TECH 124 - Design Thinking (1 tutorial)
  • EDUC 240 - Social Issues in Education (6 tutorials)
If you are interesting in improving your writing and working with an experienced instructor, please email me at 
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