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Hate group work

What courses should I avoid if I hate group work and presentation? I am in Arts and Social Sciences


  • None. Take more courses that involve group work and presentations so you get used to group work and presentations and become better at them by doing them more. A significant amount of work is group work in teams in many jobs in this day and age. Group work and how to present are great skills to have.
  • Group work can be miserable, so cut down on the agony by coming up with a plan - student learning commons has "Resources on dealing with group projects at university":

    (Best title: "Surviving Group Projects")

  • Thanks guys! :) I know I should overcome the fear and accept the fact that group work is somewhat unavoidable...
  • Avoided business courses lol jk. I think bus 238 would be a challenge for you but you would learn a lot. The course is based off of groupwork but you meet people from different faculties. Also OP I hated groupwork and presentations and I’m s business major and I’ve gotten over my fear and I’m confident/comfortable now. Bus 272 is another good course that would teach you a lot about groupwork too. I know it’s the complete opposite of what you asked for but those two courses taught me so much more than what you typically learn in the classroom. Good luck!! :)

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