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BPK110 vs GEOG111

I've taken bpk140 and it was a good elective, I'm a communications major student I need one more science elective and wanted to know which course is easier in the sense of easier workload. Thanks


  • BPK 110 is easy if you take it with Bedoya. I took 140 with Bedoya and 110 is pretty much the same drill just with more detail and memorization. However, some people find 110 difficult. The class average in Bedoya’s class was a B average though. I got an A-.
  • I haven’t taken geog 111 so I cannot speak for that course. However, I have heard it’s allegedly a Gpa booster. Both I assume just require memorization, so I would look at the profs teaching it, the break down in the classes (how much assignments/tests are weighed), and the material that’ll be taught/covered. You can’t go wrong with either course imo, so choose the one you have an interest in.

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