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Should i take pysch 100 & pysch 102 at the same time??

Hi guys, I'm starting out my first year in September and am currently in the process of choosing my courses, I was wondering if it would be wise to take both pysch 100 & 102 in my first sem? 


  • If not which course would you recommend to take first??
  • It wouldn't be too difficult to take both at the same time, it's not like taking ECON 103 and ECON 105 at the same time. PSYC 100 and 102 are quite different in their content, but similar in format, so it is doable. However, the benefit of taking them in separate semesters is that you may do better on the subsequent course due to understanding the format of the course and assignments. I am mostly referring to the research assignment that you must do for either for the courses. Although, getting adequate help and clear instructions in one course may help with the other course that lacks them when taking them at the same time as well. Bottom line, yes, it is doable.

    In my opinion, you could actually take either in no particular order and do fine. PSYC 100 I would say is more on the biological and developmental aspects of psychology, whereas PSYC 102 deals more with disorders and methodology. There is of course some overlap. 

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