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Help With CRIM 320 ?

Hi there,

I am taking criminology 320 through distance education over the summer and am having a really hard time with it. Especially with the assignments, if there is anyone that can help me I could greatly appreciate it.

MSG me PLz :)


  • suggestions:

    * check with Criminology in case they have a list of recommended tutors for hire - not all departments do

    * Student learning commons offers various kinds of assistance:

    * for finding resources for your assignment or for instance books on Quantitative Research Methods for criminology you can contact Yolanda Koscielski, Liaison Librarian for Criminology at 778.782.3315 or

    * If you're in the Lower Mainland see whether you can get a study group together

  • Try messaging other students in your Canvas course and/or posting on the Discussions page. One-on-ones with the prof or TA if possible would be helpful too. I found studying with my friends and the TA helped with any problems I encountered during self-study.
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