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Math 150 or Math 151

Hello! I'm having troubles deciding which math I plan to enroll into for this year. For reference, I did complete Calculus 12 in high school but only got around 73%. With this in mind, do you recommend doing the Calculus 1 with review, or just straight Calculus 1? How much harder is 151 over 150? Also, will I need to take additional classes with Math 150? Thank you! 


  • MATH151 is offered 3 times a week, vs MATH150 is offered 4 times a week. I personally took MATH150 because I did not want to be rushed and I think that it was a good decision. In my year MATH151 did cover a little more information that we were not tested on but they were during their weekly quizzes. You should know, in the end both 150 and 151 sit for the same exam. 

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