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A- or above for all math courses under 300 level

$20 for 1 person for 1 hours
$25 for 2 person for 1 hours
$30 for 3 person for 1 hours

Also provide one-to-one tutoring
Contact me if you interesting
Phone number: 7788983601

Also if you feel not good enough, you don't need to pay me.


  • All people are welcome. People from FIC, people just begin their first year or first semester in sfu, are all welcome.
  • More details about the pricing, it not about a person, it is about the whole group. For example, 3 person is $30 for 1 hour, that mean each person just need to pay $10.
  • Pricing for a group which more than 3 person
    one addition person, $5 more for the whole group. 
    That mean 4 person are $35, each person need to pay about $8.                  
                      5 person are $40, each person need to pay  $8.                   

  • Also if you want to talk about the specific chapter or else make sure you text me as early as possible. So, I can bring those specific materials to ensure you maximize your time.
  • Please tell me exactly what you need me to cover. For example, review some midterm exam, prepare for a midterm, review some chapter, doing some question on some chapter and etc. So, I can have a mind about how much time we want to spend, it is important since everyone has limit time. You can even tell me how much time you want to spend.
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